Comprehensive coverage is the no.1 objective of and will always be that way.  We want all glampsites, regardless of size to be able to feature in some way and to achieve this a basic entry will always be free and a first stop for customer to find the holidays they are looking for.

Our directory offers a top quality searching facilities as well as categorised glamping units, types and themes so that customers can find ideas and holidays they are looking for.

As the directory grows in size so will our features: planned is a location map finder, featured listings adverts and sophisticated ways to rank our glampsites by user elected popularity.

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Favourite glamping?

Your favourite glamping type?

Bell Tent - 12.6%
Teepee - 22.1%
Pod - 25.1%
Yurt - 23.6%
Eurotent - 5%
Safari Tent - 11.6%